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Basketball Hoops Unlimited sells high quality basketball systems and accessories. Our specialty is providing ultra high-quality, durable, great looking systems for the upper-end home and school markets. We have been in the basketball equipment business for over 35 years and have been selling online with this same web site for over 21 years. We have sold well over 100,000 basketball systems. 

We sell the complete First Team and Ironclad product lines including Home and School Basketball Systems, Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball Systems, Soccer Goals and Football Goal Posts. We sell the largest selection of Made in the USA basketball hoops on the internet. Not every item we sell is on this web site so if you don't see what you are looking for just give us a call, 888-836-2992. Our standards are very high and our promise to you is to only sell the best and provide the best service.

Our Goal is to provide our customers with the type of high-end basketball systems they are looking for but can't find at their neighborhood chain sporting goods store. Most of our customers have already bought a system from one of these stores and found it lasted only a few years and went looking for something better.

We choose our equipment manufacturers because they offer the total package, Best Product, Best Service, Best Warranties and Durable Packaging.

You won't find our products at chain stores because they are not "mass market", brands.  Big box chain store brands are made cheaper because they need to be sold at a higher profit margin to pay for all that overhead. Our manufacturers, selling through low overhead internet dealers put more cost into manufacturing the product resulting in much higher quality at the same cost or lower than the big box brands. We then ship most items freight free directly to your home or school plus you don't pay sales tax.

Please contact us with any questions or comments or to even place an order over the phone, 888-836-2992.

  Live Phone Help - 888-836-2992Need Sales Help or Installation Information? Call our Hoop Expert toll free at 888-836-2992  7 days a week! 


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