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Q: How long will it take to get my hoop?

A: Our warehouse and/or our suppliers stock every item we sell so most orders are shipped in 24 to 48 hours. The average transit time is 4-5 days. We will notify you if there is a rare delay. We will email you the tracking information once your order has shipped.

Q: Where are your hoops made?

A: First Team, Inc. and Bison, Inc. products are made in the USA. State of the Art fabrication and powder-coating are all done in their own factories insuring tight quality control and a constant supply of products.

Ironclad Sports, Inc. is an import division of First Team, Inc. The Ironclad brand offers high quality and features at a great price. 

Q: Can I install a hoop myself?

A: A lot of our customers do install their own hoop. All hoops are supplied with detailed installation instructions. We also have Live Installation Support 7 days a week at 888-836-2992. If you would like someone else to install your hoop you can find contact information about installers on the page as well.

    Q: What size backboard should I get?

A: Every shot possible in the game of basketball can be made on a 54" wide backboard. Regulation size is 72" wide so it really comes down to court/driveway size and personal preference. 54" wide is a great size for the average 1- 2 car wide driveway or smaller courts. 60" wide is our most popular and looks good in 2-3 car wide driveways and half-courts. 72" wide backboards are big and can look out of place in smaller driveways and courts but are perfect for larger areas.

Q: How important is pole size?

A: Pole size is important but more important is pole thickness. Steel thickness is measured in gauges, the lower the number the thicker the steel, 11 gauge is thicker (stronger) than 14 gauge. Bigger is not always better. Some brands offer a big pole but it is usually a thinner steel. An 11 gauge, 5" pole for example would be stronger than a thinner 6" pole.



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